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Dr. Shahrokh Aryan

  • Family Doctor accepting new patients.
  • Seeing patients on walk-in basis

Dr. Shahrokh Aryan’s Biography:

Dr Aryan graduated initially from Iran years ago. He then moved to the UK and had a few years further training to become a General practitioner or what we know here as Family Physicians. During his career he developed further interest in Dermatology and took on a postgraduate diploma course in Dermatology from Cardiff University, one of the Russell Groups Universities in the UK highly recognized internationally. He then started working in different UK hospitals including James Paget University Hospital affiliated to Cambridge University as a hospital practitioner in dermatology. He has also had further training in Dermoscopy which is a method to accurately diagnose more dangerous skin cancers without having to perform a biopsy on all skin lesions. During his career he has also worked as the Diabetes lead and has a great deal of experience dealing with diabetes cases and management of obesity.

As the prescribing lead in his last permanent position in the UK his job was to make sure about the appropriate prescription of commonly prescribed medications in Primary Care and their routine audits. He is proud to have been involved with teaching and training of medical students of one the highest ranking universities in the world, Cambridge University. Not to mention, he was also actively participating for training of the trainee doctors and family physicians in the UK by delivering lectures.

His extracurricular activities include flying with single engine airplanes, sailing, horse riding, regular exercise, skydiving, watching movies.
He is proud and honored to start working in Bradford Central Walk-in clinic where he can try his best to provide the top quality service that Canadian residents deserve.

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